Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Original Innocence

Original Innocence is a collection of songs from 2010/11. This was the last solo project I worked on before starting The Temperance Movement. If you're a real fan of the Temp you might recognise some lyrics in a couple of songs which I borrowed for the Temp's debut. I was never very proud of this as these songs were dear to my heart and didn't deserve being stripped for parts. This is a songwriter's album. Returning to Glasgow from London in 2009, I had worn myself out with over producing everything. I was a little lost after Saviour's Song. I found peace here, singing from my heart and slowing it all down.

Demonstrations of Joy pt. 1 & 2

"Demonstrations of Joy 1&2" is a compilation of songs from 2004 & 2005. Here is everything I wrote on the way to my second solo album "Joy". All were discarded as my focus for that album sharpened. The work done here was vast and obsessive. Not only was I trying to make the best record I could, I was learning how to use the digital recording process and become producer and engineer of my own music. Up to this point, I'd always needed a studio and producer, so this was incredibly exciting to me.   I played everything here, using small rehearsal rooms for drums on some tracks and programming synthetic kits on others. My determination was to make it so the listener couldn't tell the difference. I mixed late into the night, blending sound and learning track by track how to make the software work for me.  I love these songs. For me they are a time capsule, containing so much of my younger self. One of the things I was very good at back then was filing and saving everything and this is the reason they are here now. I remixed and added to a few unfinished tracks, finally mastering them to the correct volume and EQ.  Lockdown 2020 gave me the time to rediscover these songs after many years of not hearing them. Some songs I had completely forgotten. Others were like ghosts in my mind that I had longed to hear again. PURCHASE HERE


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